We've compiled a few websites that may help in your search for an audition monologue. These sites provide scenes from published and produced plays, as opposed to databases of one-off, 30-second pieces. This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor is it exclusive to auditioning for the BC YETI program. Feel free to explore and grow your repertoire for college and the professional world! 


Additionally, we're here to help with your sheet music needs. If you're having difficulty finding a piece or cut for an audition, or if you have any questions about auditioning, feel free to contact us! 


StageAgent is a great resource as it also provides information and context about the play or musical the monologue may be from. It's generally free to use, but there is a Pro membership starting at $9.95/month for additional features.  


StageMilk provides a small collection of monologues that are mostly pre-1975, but also has "How To" articles and other resources for actors. 

Shakespeare's Monologues

In need of a classic monologue? Look no further! If it's a monologue and it's in a Shakespearian play, you'll most likely find it here.  


These are also mostly pre-1975, however there are also pieces from novels which have entered the public domain, which could be a nice change of pace from trying to understand Shakespeare. 


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